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"Interpretation of Relevant Issues of the Ministry of Culture on Notification of Regulating the
Date : 29/09/2017 Author : Manager From : Peninsula art
Introduce :   1.《通知》起草的背景和目的是什么?  答:近年来,特别是2015年、2016年,演出市场不时出现囤票捂票、与黄牛勾连炒票等问题,败坏了行业风气和形象,严重损害了消费者权益,扰乱了演出市
1. What is the background and purpose of the "notice" drafting?

A: In recent years, especially in 2015 and 2016, there are problems in the performance market such as stock ticketing and ticketing with the "ox", which has damaged the industry culture and image, seriously damaged the rights and interests of consumers and disrupted the performance market Normal order. In order to further standardize the ticketing market performance, the Ministry of Culture formulated and issued a "Circular" on the basis of in-depth investigation and extensive public opinion. The Circular upholds the issue orientation and proposes a series of targeted and highly operational management measures to highlight the outstanding problems in the current commercial performance ticketing market with a view to further regulating the operating order of the commercial performance ticketing market and effectively protecting the legal status of consumers Rights and interests to promote the sustained and healthy development of the performance market.

2. What is the basis for the implementation of qualification management of the business performing ticket business units?

A: The Regulations on Commercial Performances stipulate that approval of cultural administration departments is required for the performance of brokerage institutions engaging in commercial performances and business operations. The Regulations on the Administration of Commercial Performances stipulate that a performing brokerage institution means a business unit that has the conditions stipulated in Paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the "Regulations" and is engaged in the following activities: (1) business activities such as performance organization, production and marketing; B) Brokerage activities such as inter-agency, agency and brokerage; and (iii) agency activities such as signing, promotion and agency of actors. Business performances Ticketing business units engaged in performance marketing and other business activities should be incorporated as a management institution for performing brokerage, especially in the ticketing market in recent years, after a series of issues such as speculation, but also need to strengthen supervision. In 2011, the Ministry of Culture promulgated the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Issues Related to the Performance Market", which has required the performance of tickets for running business to obtain commercial performance licenses in accordance with the provisions of the "Regulations" and its implementing rules regarding the establishment of performing brokerage institutions.

3. "Notice" on the control ticket cover store vote, etc. What specific measures?

A: The Ministry of Culture, on the one hand, makes specific demands on the organizers of the performances and ticketing business units according to laws and regulations and responsibilities, on the other hand, it actively cooperates with departments of public security, commerce and industry to investigate and sell reselling tickets and false propaganda. One is to include the Internet platform as an important marketing channel for "scalloped tickets" into the management perspective and request to fulfill the platform responsibilities; the other is to require the performing organizer and the performance ticketing business unit to mark the price according to the regulations, not to increase the sales price beyond the standard price, Content and ticket sales false propaganda. Third, require more than 70% of the tickets for sale to the public. Fourth, the implementation of special key management measures. Such as interviewing the performing companies; encouraging exploration around the implementation of real-name system of sales of tickets for key commercial performances; placing a performance unit or a performance ticketing business unit on the cultural market alert list or blacklist for credit warning or punishment, as appropriate.

4. The market for open sales of commercial performance ticket number of not less than 70% of the total votes for what is the reason?

A: The minimum number of open-air sales performance tickets is set to curb the individual exhibitors selling and packing the show tickets to the "ox" through informal channels. The reason for setting 70% is that we fully respect the opinions of trade associations, performance companies and ticketing companies. On the one hand, some of the commercial performance tickets are given to the sponsor according to the conventions. In addition, there are work tickets, so there is no guarantee that All tickets are sold to the public. On the other hand, commercial performances held for the public should safeguard the interests of the public. It is generally accepted in the industry that the proportion of 70% is relatively reasonable.
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