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Chuixin - 1503 Museum of Art opened in Songzhuang grand opening
Date : 30/09/2017 Author : Manager From : Peninsula art
Introduce :   2017年9月27日下午4点,1503艺术馆开馆展初心隆重开幕,本次展览选择的艺术家年龄跨度为60、70、80生人,李炎修、林墨、吕山川、任宏伟、林旭辉、林惠兴。他们都对自我艺术精神向度保持竖定
September 27, 2017 at 4 pm, 1503 Art Museum opened its exhibition "Beginning of Heart" grand opening, the artists selected for this exhibition span 60,70,80 life, Li Yanxiu, Lin Mo, Lu Shanchuan, Ren Hongwei, Lin Xuhui, Lin Hui Hing. All of them hold the position of self-esteem and spirituality, and show their energy to the heart.

At the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the 1503 Art Museum, Ren Hongwei said: "In this era of extinction, 'early mind' is commendable and never forgotten, which is also the attitude of the 1503 Art Museum." Works on display include oil paintings, sculptures and installations in various forms and the exhibition will last until October 30, 2017.
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