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"Heart to the forest - Ju Chuanxun calligraphy and painting sketches" opened in Chengdu Ch
Date : 30/09/2017 Author : Manager From : Peninsula art
Introduce :   2017年9月28日下午3点,由朴园艺术馆馆长何仁福策展,刘江、王善春担任执行策展人的心往山林鞠传勋书画小品展在成都海峡茶城朴园艺术馆拉开帷幕,展览展示了来自新都本土青年书画家鞠传勋近
At 28:00 on September 28, 2017, curated by HE Renfu, curator of Park Garden Art Museum, Liu Jiang and Wang Shanchun were the curators of "Heart to Mountain - Ju Chuanxun's Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibition" in Chengdu Strait Chacheng Park Art Museum opened, the exhibition shows from the native capital of Sichuan young painter Ju Chuanxun 50 years of calligraphy and painting works of art.

Ju Chuanxun, a native of Xindu, liked painting and calligraphy since he was young and spent nearly 20 years in framing for his livelihood. However, his painting and calligraphy continued uninterruptedly and he often spent time alone in studying or communicating with his friends. Two years ago, when he was out of business, he formally studied painting and calligraphy from Mr. Cheng Fengzi, a famous calligrapher. In recent years, he has made new thinking and exploration on his painting and calligraphy, making great progress in painting and calligraphy and also won the unanimous affirmation from his friends and colleagues. Therefore, this painting and calligraphy exhibition is not only the first painting and calligraphy exhibition on the road to personal art of Ju Chuanxun, but also a party for inspection and exchange. It is yet another important measure for Xindu to launch local youth art talents.

At the opening ceremony, painter and painter Ju Chuanxun, curator Wang Shaochun, member of Zhongshu Association, secretary of Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Committee, member of Calligraphy Committee of Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute, Wei Aichen, president of Young Calligraphers Association of China, Teachers have one after another speech.
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