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Yangzhou Arts and Crafts "four famous" Art Expo opened in Wuhan
Date : 30/09/2017 Author : Manager From : Peninsula art
Introduce : Four Famous Artists' Art Fair of Yangzhou was grandly held on September 25 in Wuhan Craft Building. Yangzhou lacquerware, jade carving, embroidery and paper-cut artworks, hailed as the four famous New Moon Danns, bring a rich and exquisite art collec
Yangzhou craft "four famous" art fair on September 25 in Wuhan Craft Building was held. Yangzhou lacquerware, jade carving, embroidery and paper-cut artwork, hailed as the "Four Famous Masters of the Day", have brought rich and exquisite art products to Wuhan citizens and provided a rare visual experience for the holiday of "11". Many citizens today happily come to the arts and crafts gallery on the fourth floor of the Wuhan Arts Building early in the morning and admire the treasures of China with great interest and admire the ingenuity of China.

Yangzhou handicrafts with its superb artistry enjoy a very high status in our country, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other successive leaders of the party and state gifts of foreign leaders of the treasures, a large number of heavy equipment selected for the Forbidden City, Zhongnanhai, Great Hall of the People As a collection and furnishings. Enjoy the "national treasure Yangzhou lacquer", "the world jade Yangzhou workers" in the world.

In keeping with the traditional classic, based on the Yangzhou handicrafts to meet the needs of modern consumer life, research and innovation continue to adapt to modern aesthetic sense and home practical function of the product line.

This is the first time that the Wuhan Craft Building and Yangzhou Gongmei Group hold a large-scale special exhibition of art in Yangzhou in Wuhan. In order to let the people come to visit better appreciation tasting, the organizers also invited professional teachers tasting for the audience made a tasting course, visit the fans even praise, harvest rich.

It is reported that after the Wuhan Arts and Crafts Museum will regularly organize art tasting professional sharing courses, the exhibition lasted until October 9.
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